Traslo West Contracting Inc.

  • Commercial + Residential Interior Renovations
  • General Vancouver Contractor
  • General North Vancouver Contractor
  • Repairs and maintenance

Our Business:

Our goal on every project is to build our client’s vision in a timely, organized and systematic manner. Our primary focus is to serve clients, who need to renovate interior spaces in a timely fashion, with minimal disruption to adjacent spaces.

Although we have developed a particular expertise renovating interiors, we have also successfully applied our management system to building envelope repairs. Specifically, we continue to serve the home warranty industry, by investigating and correcting building envelope failures.

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Our Approach:

Our business model relies on repeat business and referrals from existing clientele. Therefore, our first priority is building and maintaining positive relationships. We are only as good as the people on our team, so we build and maintain positive relationships with our employees, sub-contractors, suppliers and anyone else we may encounter in our lives.

The success of any project, like a relationship, is created by open communication , a conscientious attitude, and teamwork. We take the time to understand the needs and objectives of our clients in order to create the best renovation solutions for them. Our clients can expect personalized service and constant support from project start to finish.

When the inevitable renovation challenges occur, we pride ourselves on approaching these challenges with a can-do spirit. This may include scheduling our work around office hours, sourcing specialized materials, or coming up with innovative techniques.